Sustainability at the heart of our production

Henners Vineyard is a founder member of Sustainable Wines of Great Britain (SWGB), an initiative established in 2020 with an aim to ensure sustainability is at the heart of the English and Welsh wine industry.

We are proud that both our vineyard and winery are accredited under the Wine GB Sustainability scheme.

We are committed to reducing the carbon footprint of both the vineyard and winery, improving the health of our vineyard soils and conserving the vineyard and surrounding environment.

It's an ongoing journey, but we have already taken big steps to ensure we meet our sustainability commitments.

Soil & Vines

  • We've installed a 25,000L rainwater harvesting tank to reduce the need to draw on mains water for vineyard operations
  • We've planted a wildflower corridor to encourage pollinators
  • Installed bird & bat boxes to encourage natural predators onto the land
  • We follow an integrated pest-management programme to minimise the need for sprays throughout the year

Winery & Wines

  • As part of the winery expansion & modernisation project, all new light fittings were installed with energy efficient bulbs and existing winery bulbs replaced and we have moved all of our electricity needs to a 100% renewable energy supplier
  • Electric car charging points have been installed on-site in order to encourage & enable greener transport. Bike racks also installed for visitors
  • Moved to using lightweight bottles in 2020 as part of our goal to reduce environmental impacts of production & transportation.​