November 30, 2021


By Rebecca Apley

Everyone loves a sunny, summery vineyard tour. The birds are singing, el vino is flowing, and the days and nights are long and balmy. But vineyards are not only for those summer days! Although it’s a very different view, there is a really stark beauty to the vines in the winter time. Come the end of the harvest, the vines lose their leaves and prepare for dormancy. Although the leaves drop, the vines that are left behind are the bare bones that support the life that regrows each year. And we thought - why not celebrate that time? 

Although the vines and the ground look still, bare, and fallow, there are a million processes happening underground and within the vines themselves, preparing for the year ahead. Buds, already lying dormant within; roots communicating the temperature all around, communicating with the vines and with other plants in our microbiome; the vines themselves recovering and taking the time that they need to be ready for another productive year ahead.

When you come and visit our vines at Henners in Winter, you can join us on our Winter Wonderland Tours - don’t worry, we won’t spend too much time outside! You’ll start with a brisk, crisp walk around the vineyard, with a mulled wine in hand. We’re rather proud of our mulled wine, made with Vigneron Rum from our sister company, Rude Mechanicals. It’s delicious! 

After a walk around, you’ll get the opportunity - a rather unique opportunity - to taste the wine as it actually ferments in the tanks. Trust us when we say it’s very contrasting to the finished product! The winery is a fascinating place to look around, with our sleek tanks and rustic oak barrels, and all the magic of the winemaking team going on inside them. If you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of head winemaker Collette or assistant winemaker, Sam, the women behind the wine at Henners.

Once inside our tasting room, you’ll get the opportunity to taste our Henners range, not only our core sparkling, our Brut NV, the fabulous sparkling Rose, and our Vintage as well, you’ll also taste our still wines. The two Gardner Street wines will start you off - the Classic and the Rose, and you’ll also get the opportunity to try our Native Grace Barrel Chardonnay. Our Native Grace Range is only made in select years, and it’s a chance for the winemakers to really express themselves, so we’re lucky to have some of this available to sample.

I can’t wait to show you round our beautiful wintery vineyard, lead you through the wonderland of the tanks and barrels, and taste through the Henners range with you! Winter Wonderland Tours are at 12:00 on Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays, and start earlier at 10:30 on Saturdays. We’ll be running them from the 2nd to the 24th December. Not enough to tempt you yet? We’ll finish our tour and tasting with a mince pie, of course!

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